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CLE Math ?

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Would you consider CLE math conceptual like MM and SM? And, is it a rigorous math program for someone who understands math fairly easy? My ds 10 is using MM5 light blue, and he wants something different. Also, what are your thoughts about going from McRuffy 2nd grade to CLE 3rd?


Please, I need guidance.:confused:


:bigear: Thanks, Catherine

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It's not conceptual in the same way as some other programs. It seems the concepts are stressed when things are first taught, but then the skills are practiced for weeks without referring to the conceptual side of it at all. I know while we've covered the reason behind certain math strategies, it does sort of become procedural as my son does it every day. Because CLE teaches concepts an increment at a time, mixed in with other concepts, it is hard to always see the "big picture." I would say that that is the one complaint about the program. It's the reason I don't let my son do it independently. Each lesson, I teach the new material to make sure he understands the conceptual side of it, and then we quickly go over all the types of problems in the lesson to make sure he understands what he's doing - then I turn him loose. :)


I think it's fine for someone who understands math easily (esp. if they don't need a whole lot of time to understand the conceptual side of it). The way that CLE spreads practice over many many lessons, though, means that to accelerate (doing 2 lessons a day of new material, and crossing out redundant review) you are losing the amount of time you are reviewing concepts. Some kids would be fine with that, but I worry about moving too fast and not giving concepts enough time to sink in. My son understands math easily but if he doesn't practice it for a while, he forgets. I think that's normal, and I would be careful to cut out too much review.

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