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How Do I Sort Out A Schedule?

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Next year I will have a 4th Grader, 2nd Grader, and Pre-K


For my 4th Grader I am planning:


Math - every day abt. 45 min

Grammar- every day 45 min- hr

WWE- 3x week - 15 min

Art 1-2X a week 30 min

Spanish- ? not sure 30 min-1 hr

Piano - every day 30 min

Science 2-3x a week 30 min

History 3-4x a week 45 min- 1 hr

Typing - 3x a week 15 -30 min

Cub Scouts 1x a week one evening plus some weekend activity

Co Op 1-2x a week in the mornings

Chess - On the computer as a "break" and at night with DH

Reading - every day 30 min


2nd Grader


The same except he will probably not do typing




Pre-K Co-op 1-2x a week in the mornings

Before Five In A Row and/or SL Core 3/4 1-2x a week

Various workbooks because they keep him quiet :tongue_smilie:


I really don't want to drop anything, but I'm afraid this will overwhelm us all. I don't have a ton of energy and have chronic muscle spasms that keep me from feeling 100%. It's SO hard to juggle school, cleaning, and cooking healthy meals. I need to focus on exercising and eating right to help my health, and I have not been doing that as it is.


The kids also do "best" when I am sitting with them the entire time guiding them. I could see myself doing this list easily with only one child. I don't know how I can make this work for everyone.


On the other hand I want to give my kids the best education possible and I actually want to do all these things. I could easily cut one of the Co-ops each week, but I like BOTH of them. :tongue_smilie:


How do you decide what to keep and what to cut? :bigear:

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Okay, how about this...


Day 1, 3 and 5

8-9 Math and grammar for 4th with mom for 60 minutes while 2nd plays with PreK.

9-10 Math and grammar for 2nd with mom for 60 minutes while 4th plays with PreK.

11-12 Mom works with PreK. Math and grammar seatwork, and 30 minutes of reading for 2nd. Math and grammar seatwork, and 30 minutes of reading for 4th.

12-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1 Mom finishes up work with PreK if needed while 4th and 2nd have free time.

1-2 WWE and Spanish with 4th while 2nd does piano and seatwork\computer game (?). Quiet time\play time for preK.

2-3 WWE and Spanish with 2nd while 4th does piano and typing. Quiet time\play time for preK.

3-4 History for all.


Day 2 and 4-


Morning Co-ops

12-1 Mom works with PreK while 4th and 2nd alternate piano with typing or computer game.

1-2 Mom does grammar and math with 4th while 2nd plays with PreK until 1:30 when PreK goes to quiet time\play time then 2nd does reading.

2-3 Mom does grammar and math with 2nd (try to fit the seatwork for the 2nd into this time slot on these days)while 4th does math and grammar seatwork and reading. PreK quite time\play time.

3-4 Science for all.


This schedule is assuming you can do the co-ops on the same days (Tue and Thur for example) for all dc...and assuming you would be home in time to grab lunch and start school by 12 on those days. If you get home even earlier you could fit in art or better yet use that extra time to work on chores.


You could fit art in any day after school or you could just do art for a couple hours every other Saturday. I would try to fit art into your history study twice a month though so you wouldn't necessarily have to have a separate art time every week.


If you fit this schedule into a 3 column chart with each dc across the top and the times in 30 minutes increments across the side you will be able to see better how all of it fits together. Here is a link to the chart I use.http://www.donnayoung.org/f10/planner-f/columns/18wk3.pdf


Hope that helps or gives you some ideas!

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The only way I've ever been able to make a schedule that works is to use Manager's of Their Homes by Teri Maxwell. The basic premise is, create a "Task list" for each of your students and yourself. This is a list of everything you have to get accomplished in a day as well as everything your kids have to accomplish. Then, you take a grid with timeslots and coordinate everything. It's a lot more helpful to buy the book :D I've been using it every year for at least 5 years (sometimes twice a year). It's the only way I can figure it all out.



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