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    grew up in Poland; lived in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, now in USA, 3 kids and a Cajun husband
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  1. It's not resignation, but abdication. And he is doing it for the love of the Church, not because of any scandals. JP2 showed us how to suffer in modern world, B16 is showing us true humility. "Malachi prophecies" are 1. private revelation 2. not well documented, and certainly confusing after certain point (accurate to a certain point only).
  2. Only this: http://www.rmchec.org/ under speakers tab, last sentence in the bio.
  3. Martin Cothran converted to Catholicism recently.
  4. Which plays and films of Macbeth do you recommend? Junior high and older. Thanks.
  5. Magisterium, not any homeschooling author, is representative for Catholicism. The Church says that everyone needs to fulfill his/her vocation and LOTH is the most advised prayer. Daily Mass is not practically reachable for many. There is better and worse literature choices. If you tell me that your Catholic kid is reading more of anything that Bible+Church fathers+saints - I say - it is a waste of time.
  6. Americans get offended easily, don't they? :-)
  7. As far as I know, people have free will and mind - tools to think and choose reasonably and freely how to educate their kids, and if this or that program is suitable for their children and family. As far as I know, no one was/is forcing those who decided to use and then to leave the Academy. 95% stay.
  8. I find it interesting that both of you accuse me of participating in a WTM forum, and using the CLAA, while one of you signed up just to bash the school, and another one wrote half of her posts about it.
  9. Oh. So, the CLAA itself isn't forming the cult, but the parents on the forum are coming from all over the world to form an internet homeschooling cult?
  10. Juat check the teachers at the CLAA and their credentials and experience. Then think.
  11. Catholic and classical Biblical Studies course online - complete 7 year program also: from My Catholic Faith delivered: Understanding the Scriptures course - with daily devo, videos, Bible studies, maps etc. based on Scott Hahn's book from Didache Series
  12. We came back to the CC in 2010 and my kids are using CLAA's Catechism course
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