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Audobon Field Guide Apps (x-post)

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I just got the Audubon Guides — A Field Guide to Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers, and Trees a few weeks ago. Saves 33% if you bought them all separately. I haven't used it too much, but I love what I saw when I browsed through it quickly. I also have iBird Pro app that I use all the time.


Any other Audubon ones that are a must?

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Wow, these do look cool! If you buy the one for iphone, will it work on ipad?


Oh, awesome! Thank you for sharing!


I'm also wondering about compatibility in regards to iPhone/iPad. I did see that there was a choice between the two, which makes me think they may not work interchangeably...


The app store description says its compatible with iPhone/iPod/iPad, so my hope would mean you only have to purchase it once.

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In my experience, you can buy the iPhone app, and it will work on your iPad, iPhone, etc... I've been able to use all my old iPhone apps on my iPad.


But if you want it full-resolution on your bigger iPad, you'd want the iPad version. I've had to upgrade a few apps just because I wanted it to take up the full screen at full resolution. I was able to use the iPhone versions, but I have to click a size button (x2) to make it bigger, and the quality degraded.

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