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shameless brag - Mock Trial

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My 17yo dd participated in a Mock Trial competition yesterday. She has been a prosecutor for Teen Court for several years but this was her first year on a Mock Trial team.


Her county team placed 1st overall. She was on defense and they placed 2nd in the defense portion. She also place 1st overall for defense attorney. :001_smile: Wow, it was a very exciting day.


The Judges that 'heard' the cases (actual Judges) talked to the kids afterwards and gave them great feedback. They also told the kids that they (the Judges) would be available if they needed help on future projects or letters of recommendation.

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That would be so awesome to see! Did you get to watch?



Yes. I was there from 7:30 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. They fed us breakfast and lunch.


I had not been to any of the practices, so while I knew my dd's opening and her planned questions I had not heard the rest of the case. It was fascinating. All the teams took the case very seriously. The attorney's wore suits, some of the witnesses came in costume (the case had testimony from a park ranger, a deputy and a Reverand).


They used the actual county courthouse and all the usual rules applied. Proper attire, no cameras, no food or drink, limited coming and going of the spectators. Everyone was very respectful of the venue.

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