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How do you get yourself out of a funk?

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I woke up in a generally good mood today. Then....DD didn't get up AGAIN. I know she CAN get up, and do just fine, because she spent a week getting up at 7am, showering, and those were her BEST days in a LONG time. She needs that shower, and to be dressed and ready for the day to be productive and in a good mood. This week.....every morning she says she is up and moving 3-4 times before she finally DOES get up at 8:30am (she's supposed to be upstairs dressed and ready at 8:00am). We are now a full hour behind, she hasn't showered, and I'm grumpy. We aren't overly scheduled, but I hate feeling like we've wasted away 1/2 the morning.


Anyway, the point is....I'm in a bad mood funk right now. How do you pull yourself out of said funk? I'm finding everything DD does annoying, because I'm irritated with her for not getting up yet again and that isn't necessarily fair. I need to pull myself out of this and move on with the day.

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Exercise works for me.


I hate wasting half the day too. DD9 would happily sleep until 10am or later. I get her up at 8am (unless it's a sick day) so we can get her schoolwork going by 9am and be done in time to do fun things in the afternoon. She was coughing last night, so today will have to be a sleep-late day (I wish this cold would go away!)


However, I have found that in order for her to get up at 8am, she needs to be in bed by 9pm. That's 11 hours of sleep for a 9yo, but it is what it seems to take to get her rolling. Is your DD getting enough sleep?

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:grouphug: tea and chocolate, and a general thanksgiving that its my dds and not me who are 11 and 12 (and 24 and 27)....


then, a logical consequence. here, it would involve going to bed an hour early, as the only possible reason someone might sleep in and not be ready on time is because they aren't getting enough sleep. a warning is often enough. we don't have that particular problem, but for other things i talk them through the logical consequence and then tell them that the next time it happens, this is what the result will be. usually, its enough.... because they know i will do what i say.




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Chocolate, getting out of the house (in the sun, if possible), a good pot of tea, a good book. Sometimes beating the tar out of a batch of bread helps - redirected frustration and all that.


If it's a REALLY bad day, I tell DH I need an hour (or two) when he gets home. He takes DD, I either go to a bookstore to browse or a coffee shop to sip a cuppa.

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