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Could someone explain....


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I have no idea about KONOS.


We use CLE for math & LA. We have tests/quizzes on Fridays. In math, quizzes fall on days 5 & 10 so that's easy, but the test is lesson 16. We double up one day to bump the test up to Friday. (crossing out similar problems). The other levels of math may have a different # of lessons on each LU - we are using the 400s. I think the 300s had just 15 lessons per LU.


In LA, there are only 15 lessons per LU, so we don't have to do anything different the 3rd week. My son loves Fridays because tests & quizzes go much faster than the lessons!

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Konos was the first curriculum I used when we began homeschooling. I fell in LOVE with the concept of hands-on, literature rich, unit studies. I unloaded my volumes a while ago, but we used it until about 2 years ago - from grades K-5.


There are 3 volumes which cover about 6 years of schooling. Each volume is split into unit studies based on virtues, or character traits. All the literature and activites in the unit reinforce the trait. For example, in the Attentiveness unit we read about the five senses (sciences) and built a 'walk through' model of an ear. We read about Helen Keller and Alexander Graham Bell (history), we played listening and memory games, etc... There are many, many activities to choose from in each unit.


It's very teacher intensive, highly kinesthetic.

Unless they've edited the volumes, there were plenty of typos.

There's (last I knew) a Yahoo! Group for Konos that is very active and easy to navigate.

It's the antithesis to WTM!! There's no chronological history, no clearly defined "subjects" of art, history, music, science - it's all integrated.


The "timeline" is an important component and, while not studied chronologically, if you complete all the volumes you'll have an impressive view of history.


While there are math activities, as well as vocabulary words, you supplement Konos with a math and phonics/grammar/spelling curriculum.


I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot. We loved it, but it is a lot of work. My kids will never forget the parts of the ear. :)



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