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X-post: anyone use Khan Academy as part of math core?

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I'm planning what to do for my son who will be 8th grade next year. Math is not his strong suit. I'm really hoping to do many classes online. I absolutely LOVE the lessons on Khan Academy and believe they'd be quite thorough, but wondered if anyone has tied these into any specific textbook at the pre-algebra level. Or even used it as a mainstay in your plans.


I was also looking at The Potters School or Derek Owens or even Landry, but sure would be nice to get the free ones on Khan if I could tie these into a math text.


Would love to hear how anyone has incorporated these into your homeschool.

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I just figured out a HUGE key to using Khan Academy. Gotta watch this video where he explains some amazing behind the scenes stuff for parents/teachers and students. I get it! Still would like to correlate it with a text, but maybe that's not as important with supports like this in place. I have to say his software and tracking paradigm beats all I've seen on the math scene.


Would still love to hear from anyone using this :bigear:

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Well, we're not using it as the core to ds math---more as a supplement to the topics that don't get explained very well in his math book. So, when he was learning about distributing, I showed him how to do it, but then also had him watch Khan so he could have a more detailed (and knowledgeable!) explanation.

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