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Anybody ever ran a consignment sale?

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Not an actual store, but a seasonal sale? Can you tell me more about it?


I think DH and I have decided we are done having kids. I have easily 20+ totes of toddler and baby clothes, 5+ totes of bedding, towels, receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc, countless name brand (Fisher Price) popular toys, a car seat (I know....not supposed to sell, but it is not expired and has not been in an accident), etc. Getting rid of it all is VERY emotionally distressing to me. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of making some money is about the only thing motivating me.


That being said.....I was thinking it might be worth running a consignment sale? Get some friends to bring in their stuff, and their friends, etc. And make a little $$ off their stuff too?


Anyway, if this is something you've done before, give me the good, the bad, and the ugly, please :)


Thank you!

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My friend did this for years. She had about thirty sellers and advertised via free sites and word of mouth. It was a ton of work. She said she "made" the most by having first pick of the merchandise brought in (dollhouse, American Girl Dolls, clothes, coats etc) then she made in the 20% she split with her friend who co-organized it. They gave 10% to charity. She also was able to sell her stuff for 'free'. She did it for 5 years until her kids got to be about 8 and it became harder for her to shop used from her sellers. She kept it simple. Each seller had a number and an inventory sheet. They pinned their seller number tag and price on the item and wrote it on the inventory sheet. As buyers bought items, she took off the tags, sorted them into seller number piles, highlighted the items that had been sold on the inventory sheet. I don't recall her having a lot of issues with bad checks, but I know from our church's sale, that is an issue. It took a lot of time four/five days of working 12 - 14 hours, but then it was done. Her kids always had nice clothes at a fraction of the price.

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;)Here's the link to the one I participate regularly... it has evolved over the years to become much more sophisticated, but you don't necessarilly need to start that way. The on-line entering products/label print is a really nice feature, though.




I have run them for scrapbook stores... if I do say so, ours was "the best." ;)

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