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Multiple iPod/iPhone homes

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Hi all! My DH and I both have iPods and I'm the one that maintains the iTunes library. Right now, we both share the same library -- mostly because I don't know if we can have separate libraries on the same computer. Does anyone know if we can have separate iTunes libraries on the same computer? Also, he just got the new iPhone for Verizon and we need to activate it using iTunes. Can I set up a separate account on the same computer for that also? If so, how do I do that?


We do have 2 computers, but his laptop is not used much and I use my laptop all the time. I don't want to have to turn on his laptop just to do iTunes if I don't have to.


If it helps to know, I don't think both of our iPods are registered.



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Do you use playlists? We have three different people using my computer for iTunes, and we have quite different taste in music. We deal with it by using playlists. Each person has a folder with their playlists in it, so when they sync it's easy to see their stuff. We have a folder or two with more general stuff. It's nice to be able to listen to each other's stuff sometimes too, and there's some stuff two of us or all three listen to (like podcasts).

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I set up a separate library fo my oldest dd. We have two libraries; the main one, which uses playlists for four different iPods, and older dd's library. She can even keep $ from iTunes gift cards separate. Here is a link which may be helpful:




Adrianne in IL


THANKS All for your advice. I did see this last night and was going to try it. Will I just name it differently so I can tell them apart?

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Personally, I prefer to have one iTunes library, as we have a lot of the same stuff on our various iPods and iPhones. It also makes it easier to load and update purchased apps on all the devices.


We have a separate account for iTunes on our computer, and sync all of our devices from that one account. But as others have mentioned, it's certainly possible to have multiple accounts on the computer that each have their own iTunes library.

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