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Is it possible to freeze quiche without damaging it?

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Absolutely. The important thing it to not have a soggy crust in the first place.


I immediately cool slices on a cooling rack, wrap and freeze them individually when *completely cold* and then defrost as needed on a cooling rack. If I want to reheat, I just put the cooling rack into a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.


The only difficulty with a whole quiche would be getting it out of the pan in the first place.




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When I make quiche, I make 6, eat one and freeze the rest! I cook them, let them cool, slip them into a ziplock baggie and into the freezer. They can then be popped in the oven frozen (they need to cook at least an hour at 300ish with the crust covered with pieces of foil so it doesn't overbrown) and voila!

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