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At what point in OPG would my ds be ready for VP's First Favorites?


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I'm using OPG with my boys, but thinking into next year...I would like to use a reading program that is systematic and fun that uses real books.


So, my questions are:


*When in OPG would my ds be ready for VP's First Favorites?


*Do you think this program is what I am looking for?


*Other ideas?



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Its been awhile since we used VP First Favorites. I think it kind of depends on what you meaning by reading program. Do you want something light? Do you want somethat that works on comprehension, etc?


It will have the story to read and corresponding copywork and a little craft or something. It is very light and my boys liked it. If you are looking for something similar to this, I like LLATL Blue and Red. Many people find it light, but I really like it for this age. I would just supplement with a phonics program, but you are already doing that.


As far as FIAR, it is a very good program. I didn't enjoy it as much because it just didn't feel cohesive to me and my boys didn't like reading the books five days in row. We usually made it about three days and then they were over it. I know many really love it though. The booklist is very good though, whether you like the program or not.


I hope that helped some.

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I'm using OPG as my main reading program. I just wanted something with great books for next year...but, hopefully, something they can read on their own. So, I was looking at FF because it is a reading program designed for children who have already been through a phonics program.


It looks like MP has something similar with Storytime Treasures.


I love the looks of FIAR, but I think that is a read aloud program vs. a "stretch their reading skills" type program.


Thoughts? Ideas? :D

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I'm looking for something similar and sadly haven't really found what I want.


We are currently using Pathway Readers and for now I like them. The stories are sweet and I like how the workbooks correspond. There are two pages for each story. The first page is working with the new words...eventually leading to vocabulary, but for now is mostly phonics and spelling. The second page is more about comprehension. I really like how this is set up.


But I want more. I want a book with different types of stories. I'd like some science reading, history, fiction, biographies, poetry, etc. I'd like more colorful and engaging pictures. I'm thinking something along the lines of My Book House Readers or the Open Court reading textbooks that I recently purchased but with vocabulary and comprehension activities to go along with them.


I had a chance to thumb through VP's First Favorites workbook and I did not like it. :( There was quite a bit of copy work and coloring and ... it just wasn't what I wanted.


I liked Logos Press guides a bit better. The samples on their site aren't working, but you can view samples here:




Here is book 2:




Samples of VP here:




I liked what I saw of MP which you mentioned, but I still didn't think it could take the place of what we're getting from the Pathway Readers. So for now I've decided to stick with the Pathway Readers and then add in the real books as regular read alouds that we just snuggle and read together. Eventually, I'd like to move on to something like Mosdos literature program but that doesn't start until 4th grade I believe.

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At what lesson in OPG did you start the Pathway Readers? I've ordered the Pathway Readers and was wondering when my 6yo son would be ready for them. We're currently only on lesson 51 of OPG.


I think we started with First Steps right about where you are or maybe just a slight bit later. We are currently on lesson 127 of OPG and almost done with Days Go By which is now really too easy for him. There is a good bit of writing with the workbooks though so that could be a factor. My son does not have a problem with writing and from what I've read from others, he may be a bit ahead with that. You could do some of them verbally though if he's not quite ready for all of the writing.


Although the reading is too easy for my guy right now, I think he still benefits from the spelling and the comprehension exercises which seem to be on his level. I hope that makes sense. I think he can read at a much higher level than he can spell. He does not have a hard time with the comprehension but now we are getting to the parts where he needs to look back through the book for the answers (learning to skim and read to himself), and this has been a little challenging. He still reads everything out loud and reads every word instead of skimming.

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What about the SL Reader packages? You can get the schedule for the Level 1 and Level 2 (all 3 levels) readers inexpensively.


I like that it includes a schedule and questions. I wish they sold the reader guides separately for levels 3 & up.



I wish there was more to it than a schedule and questions. I'd really like more work with the vocabulary, and introducing new words that will be encountered, and sequencing and implied meanings. We are using all of the Sonlight readers but I figured I could ask my own comprehension questions.

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Thank you for the SL suggestion. I had forgotten about them. That's a good idea also. :)


Any others?


So, are my choices VP First Favorites, MP Storytime Treasures, or SL Readers?


Did you see my link to the Logos Press guides? They are very much like the VP Favorites.

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Another option is to buy readers like what Heart of Dakota offers. They have a package called "Emerging Readers" that includes a Bible and then 13 books that increase in difficulty. I just looked at their list on the website and actually purchased from Amazon because I had gift cards there, but HOD's prices are the same for the books which makes their package cheaper. They also have questions in one of their guides, but I'm just making up my own.


By the way, we are on lesson 170 of OPG, and my dd has been able to read the first HOD books for about 2 months now.

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Cindyz, thank you for that link. My computer is driving me crazy because every time I try to look at a PDF file, it tells me that Windows Photo viewer can't read the file...my dh can fix it...I just keep forgetting to ask him to fix it.


At what point in OPG do you think they could be ready for the Logos reading program? That program is intended for them to read the books themselves, right?


I'll head over to HOD and take a look also. :001_smile:

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