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  1. There's a book called Moonwalking with Einstein that chronicles how an average Joe became a memory champion using the memory palace and other techniques. I don't think it's a how-to book more of a memoir, but it may give you some ideas.
  2. John Audubon lived in the early 19th century. I bet you could find some birds or other animals referenced in Wilder's books among his art work (turkeys and prairie chickens, for example).
  3. I enjoyed Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff. I'd also recommend anything by David McCullough.
  4. Yes, the answers to the textbook and workbook are in the HIG for the Standards edition.
  5. We're in Level 5. I haven't purchased the supplements since Level 3. I do not regret not having the supplements. I've been able to effectively work around the missing material.
  6. I remember reading that John Adams thought Benjamin Franklin was lazy when they were both assigned as ambassadors to Paris.
  7. Yes, I do. I seem to be getting more and more socially awkward all the time, too.
  8. My son (9 yo)read/listened to the Mysterious Benedict Society many, many times. It is a great book.
  9. I agree that it's useless to speculate....however, I'm going to do it. I tend to be the same way as this lady. In theory, I always want to make new friends, and so I reach out to people. However, when they get too close (merely coming to my church would qualify for me as getting too close, sadly) I get rattled because I'm such an introvert. I pull back in my shell. I agree that small acts of kindness that don't ask anything of her would be the best approach. She'll warm up.
  10. Language Arts: Finish FLL 2 and start FLL 3, AAS 3 and 4, WWE 2, memorize poetry using Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization Math: RS C, Singapore CWP 1, and Dreambox History: SOTW volume 3 Science: Science in the Beginning PE: Basketball and softball Music: continue Suzuki and Irish violin lessons/performances She will complement the above with Classical Conversations memory work/activities
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