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Reading speed for ds14

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My ds14 reads very slowly. He says he has trouble reading because his eyes bounce off the page, he gets distracted and sometimes he rereads the same material more than once which he attributes to his mild OCD. We had his eyes checked and his vision is good. He comprehends the material fine, it just takes him a long time to actually read the material, regardless of where he's reading, such as in a book or on the internet.


What would you do? He was unable to finish a few sections of his timed standardized test because he took so long in reading the passages. On a regular basis, he's not bothered by his slow reading because he does so very little of it, but he was upset that he couldn't finish the test sections.


This has been going on for a few years I guess. It's never been a problem because he's never had large amounts of stuff to read. Now he's in high school level courses.

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Did you have his vision checked by a developmental optometrist? They check for tracking and other vision issues that are important for things like reading that go beyond acuity.


Other things to help reading fluency: Have him read aloud to you every day for 20-30 minutes from material that is significantly below his reading level. Gradually increase the level until he is reading 150+ words per minute at his reading level. If he has trouble decoding long words, you could try REWARDS by Sopris West. Lastly, could he have stealth dyslexia? Google it to see if it seems to fit.


A trick that sometimes works is to use an index card to cover up everything *above* the line he is reading. It will help with tracking and also with rereading the same material.

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We used a doctor of optometry. That's not the same thing, hm?


It might be, or not. Check this website for his/her name: http://www.covd.org/


Did the doctor do tests to check tracking? A common one is to have the kid read numbers in vertical columns and again in horizontal rows. If columns goes significantly faster, then there's a tracking problem. Also, if the doctor did a complete developmental vision assessment, you probably would have gotten a report.

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