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phonogram -ough (PR1)


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I use Wordy Worm Reading to teach my kids. It's really cute and teaches the phonograms to songs they act out. The gestures help kids remember the sounds. It also has family activities to go along with each one.

These are all the words with the phonogram ough broken down by sound. I have also included a little ditty to help remember them below.


/aw/ thought, bought, brought, fought, sought, ought

/ō/ though, although, thorough, dough, borough

/ŭf/ tough, rough, slough, enough


/off/ cough, trough

/ow/ plough, bough

/oō/ through


Make my hand like a paw.

Look through an O.

Touch my face. Is it rough?

/aw/ /ō/ /ŭf/

Take my hand off.

Pinch my cheek. Ow!

One O. Now two.

/off/ /ow/ /oō/

here is a link http://www.wordywormreading.com

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