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Anyone have a Lial's Intermediate Algebra nearby?

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DD is having a horrible time in her College Algebra/Trigsted/MyMathLab class. She is over her head and I think tonight she is finally admitting it to herself.


She ended the first semester of regular high school Alg 2 before Christmas and this semester enrolled in College Algebra because her SAT scores were high enough and she felt it wouldn't be too difficult. Ha! I think she needs to go back a bit and strengthen her foundation. U of Idaho has an independent study course, self-paced, that uses Lial's Intermediate Algebra, 8th edition. It does an incredibly thorough job going over the book, page by page. Explaining concepts, ideas, terminology that DD turned out in her earlier years, thinking that "this stuff doesn't matter."


Question: Can someone give me a general idea of what the first three chapters are, what is in the middle of the book, and the last 3 chapters. Or a link to the table of contents?


Question: Am I correct in assuming that the second half of high-school Alg 2 is necessary to do well in College Algebra (which is pre-calc in this case)?


Thanks so much!

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The second semester of Algebra 2 is where the meat of the course is!


It would be very difficult to move on to College Algebra (Algebra 3) without completing Algebra 2.


College Algebra (as part of a Pre-Calc program) is NOT a review of high school Algebra-- it is an EXTENSION.


SAT scores are not a valid placement option as the SAT does not test objectives from the second half of Algebra 2... SAT scores combined with a satisfactory grade in Algebra 2 (the whole course) would be a better placement... well-- I rather just forgo the SAT scores for placement of any kind because it is a REASONING test-- not a skills test.... and Algebra 2 teaches basic SKILLS...

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