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You know it's going to be bad when the sheriff one county over is already closing

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ROADS! Yep, the next county east of us has had radio and tv warnings that the sheriff is telling residents to get off the roads by 7:00 p.m. because it's going to take everything road crews have in their arsenal just to keep the hospital routes open and escort ambulance/fire crews to accidents and emergencies! He's asked for people with snowmobiles to donate their time and machines to dispatch so that they can use them to get medics to the scene of accidents faster. I did not realize that we were going to be hit so hard that these types of emergency measures would be taken. It's been many years since this part of Michigan has heard these kinds of announcements.


Please pray. I'm worried for dd. We still haven't heard from her to know if she's on the road home or not from her hospital orientation. The airport in that city (well, small city) is shutting down and the hotels are being flooded. She forgot her dad's debit card today so she could call and reserve a room if it looked like she needed to stay over. Her checking account doesn't have enough in it to cover a room (I just called and roomrates are over $100.00 a night and climbing as more and more people want them and there isn't going to be any competition). It's after two o'clock so deposits at our little bank do not count until tomorrow. So, I can't just deposit funds for her to draw on. We don't have any friends in that city.


I am hoping that either the hospital will let her stay over if it's that bad out (she'd be a great pair of hands to have around if the ER starts filling up) or EMS will keep her. It's possible. She's a licensed EMT that is 2/3 of the way through her medic program. Michigan law allows the sheriff to order all first responders and vital medical personnel to remain on site if a disaster is expected. Her EMS has nice areas for their people to nap and relax in, including a small gym, lounge, and bunkbeds. So, I'm really, really hoping they'll keep her. There are 20 restaurants in the area that will bring food, for no charge, to EMS for their people if they must call everyone in and keep them because they know there is no cafeteria at that facility.


I just fervently pray that she will not feel pressured to head out if the roads are atrocious! Please pray that her EMS or the hospital, will tell her they want her to stay.




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Call a hotel near her, reserve a room on your card, explain the situation, and say if she checks in you'll cover the costs. It might work.


I'm praying for her. :grouphug:

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She's a one hour drive. If they will let them out of orientation now, she could make it. We haven't been hit yet. I tried to call her but she has her phone turned off which means she's still in orientation. UGH!


We will see if we can get a room for her. I called one and was dumb enough to be honest (that Christian ethic in me) about her age...19 almost 20. They won't rent a room to anyone under 21 no exceptions excepted married couples under that age. GRRRR....but, I guess I understand. There is a college nearby and apparently they've had some rooms trashed during parties from nigh school seniors and younger college students. We'll try another one. If I get a hold of her, I'm going to have her go FLASH HER BADGE! Mahy of the restaurants are really generous to first responders and so I'm hoping there is a hotel manager that feels the same way. But, what I really hope is that she'll be on the road soon. Doplar shows we have another hour before this hits.


I'm heading out to the farm now to help the owner that I'm mad at (see thread about dead lamb) do chores early. She has two other lambs in trouble. Maybe the two deaths today will convince her that the ewe, only 8 months old, was not capable of handling triplets and just possibly, we'll be able to save these.



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