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slef esteem for young child - book suggestion?

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I have a friend whose little girl (6 years old) is having some self esteem issues. She thinks she's fat (she's not) and has started talking about how she wishes she were skinny. She is taller than most of the girls her age. My dd is a year older and on the small side so we often get the friend's hand-me-downs. I don't know if this has anything to do with her perception of herself. Her mother has talked to her about how we are are different sizes and shapes but she is still feeling bad about herself and her size.


I was wondering if there are any good books geared for younger children about body image and self esteem. I have a few on Amazon but most are aimed for teens.



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I agree with Rosie. Personally I would recommend enrolling the child in something they are interested in whether it is gymnastics, dance, soccer, or art classes. Help them find something positive, something that they enjoy, that they can focus that negative energy on and turn it into positive energy.

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I forgot to mention, she is homeschooled. She is also already pretty involved. Soccer, gymnastics and lots of church activities.


Y'all are probably right that it is coming from peers. it just breaks my heart to hear that she's feeling so bad about herself right now and sheis such a lovely girl.

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A good girl scout troop can make a world of difference, but so many adults believe "nasty" in girls is as natural as breathing and impossible to prevent. It can be hard to find somewhere where a no tolerance on nastiness actually means no nastiness. It is difficult. In my experience, few leaders have a well trained "nastiness detector" and are able to deal with it as though they like the perpetrators.


Poor kid. She's too young to have to be dealing with this crap. :crying:




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