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Have you read "How to Read a Book"?

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I'm reading it now, and I'm just wondering if anyone has any great insights for me. Do you feel that curricula like TOG helps your DC read on a deeper level without doing anything additional? Are there intentional things you do to foster this deeper reading that should begin in middle grades? I see how following the guidelines for deeper, more challenging reading will help me, I'm just looking for ideas to incorporate these lessons into my school day, if that makes sense.


Thanks for any insight!



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Yes, I've read it and loved it. Some parts really resonated with me and others I had to slog through, the rusty wheels of my brain turning very slowly. ;) I was impacted initially by a few things; the responsibility we have as readers to do justice to what the author has produced (as long as it's worthwhile); the steps to determine whether a book is worth reading and the reading levels ... how your average person has never developed the ability to read analytically. Wow!


There is also a study guide for How To Read A Book but I haven't used it. If you're interested, you can search the boards ...... I know I've seen it on them somewhere.


How do I implement How To Read a Book .......??? Well, I would say I try to implement it for myself in my reading and hope it trickles over to my reading with my dd. For her age, I read the book Deconstructing Penguins, which gave me an easier base to start with and I also use Teaching the Classics wonderful study guides. This year Omnibus has been an extremely useful tool as well, to draw deeper meaning out of the texts. To read analytically is a skill and therefore it has to be developed which, of course, then requires lots of practice. If you keep reading and learning and practicing, the skills grow. I can already tell that my dd is thinking more deeply about things by her responses to books that she's read. Your dc are still quite young so you have lots of time to practice~! :001_smile:

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