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Questions to ask when you are searching a job field

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DD just last week said something about being interested in being a chiropractor. So I suggested she go talk to my chiropractor about stuff. Ask him questions. (Maybe if she is still interested, she can shadow him for a day.)


She has a list but what are the ones you would suggest. The ones she has (as I remember them):


where did he go to school?

what was his undergrad degree in? (I'm pretty sure it's a doctorate, right?)

how long did school take?

did he go into practice himself first or start with someone?

starting salary?


There may have been one more, but I can't remember. What else would you ask? She did ask me if there were other things.



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I would have her do a bit of research beforehand - education and starting salaries are something that you can find on the internet (and the salary question is not one I would want my child to ask a stranger). Instead, I would ask lots of questions that can not be looked up:


what is his favorite part of the job?

why did he choose to become a chiropractor?

Which part of his job responsibilities does he dislike? (there will be something in every job)

if he had a daughter, would he encourage her to follow this kind of career?

If no, why not?

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