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Have you seen been to www.arrowsmithschool.org?


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I read this one and the one by Dr. Amen - Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. I found them both very interesting and worth reading.


I also spent time on the Arrowsmith website a couple years ago, and found their breakdown of learning dysfunctions very specific and interesting as well. I remember picking up an idea for working with my dd on learning and remembering how to tell time quickly.

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Have you read "The Brain that Changes Itself"?

I haven't but I did spend a lot of time today looking at that website and reading the "Look Inside This Book!" over at Amazon. Interesting stuff. I believe in the plasticity of the brain and have read other books and information that supports the idea of brain neuroplasticity.


I agree with Tina that Arrowsmith's breakdown of the 12 learning dysfunctions is really interesting. Do any of their books or articles give more specific details on what activities they recommend for which learning dysfunctions?

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I haven't been able to find it. I thought the same as you.


I definitely believe in brain plasticity.


Did you watch their video?

No, I didn't watch the video. I usually only read and type quietly at the computer so I don't disturb others in the room. Is the video worth watching?


I have tried to find everything I can on ways to develop those missing neuron connections for my dyslexic ds. Out of their 12 learning dysfunctions, he had signs of several of them (to greater and lesser degrees.) He really didn't make much progress in reading until we remediated his auditory/phenome awareness problems. We do various little activities to work on improving his auditory memory and a visual memory for written words. Those things seem to be slowly helping him too, but I'd love to learn more specifics on what this school uses if they are said to help children make so much progress.

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I listened to the video yesterday and read the website last night. I noticed that in my state, the Jewish yeshivas in Brooklyn received training.


This is my quick synopsis: They said that the kids need to be of average or above average ability. They are in this program for 4 years with about 4 sessions out if the day doing cognitive training. The kids work 40 minutes at a station..looking like they are doing vision and auditory processing exercises.She uses quirky exercises ..tweaked from what you and I might have been using over the years with different programs targeting the same areas. For ex:She used a foreign language or symbol(for that child) with the visual memory program to ensure that the brain is working on that skill (no compensating) etc.


It seems most of us are doing pieces of this in one way or another..cognitive training is found within LIPS, VT , APD etc.


I wish she would supply an at home kit for homeschoolers:D like LIPS does.


There are training programs but targeted for schools. Too bad she wasn't magnanimous with her work and write a book on what she does with these kids and each of the 19 dysfunctions.


in the meantime I will keep plugging away....

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OK - I bought three books.

My son has physical defects in his frontal lobes - no one seems to know what I can do anymore.

So - The New Executive Brain:Frontal Lobes in a Complex World

and two about neuroplasticity:

Brain School and

The Brain that Changes Itself


Crossing my fingers......

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