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s/o interest led science

Amy Jo

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So if you are the parent, and are NOT science-y, what do/did you do to learn?


I had a 'normal' science education. Textbooks and such. I took chemistry in college and did well only because I had very good math skills. I couldn't think scientifically. (The experiment I remember was to measure how hot the water got, with a thermometer that couldn't measure as high as the water's temperature. Sadly, no one in my group had a clue, but we got an A for effort I guess.)


I really want a science crash course. Like a broad overview of the basics of science so I know where else I need to go, and where/how to find answers. A broad overview of science, if it's kid level that's fine too, we can learn together. LCC recommends "Science Matters" which is listed at the library, but is "not available". So - recommendations??? :bigear:



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I think I will probably use LBC's and AO's recommendations in this area. That's more the kind of science I like anyway! Ya know, the more literary stuff--scientist biographies, Tiner books, Story of Science and all those oldie but goodies on the Baldwin Project. :)

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