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bday present for bff

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I have no idea what to get my bff for her bday this year! Last year I threw her an awesome surprise party. We don't live anywhere near each other now so we can't do a girls night or anything like that. She made me an awesome scrapbook for mine so I need to beat that.


She's really my reason for sanity so it needs to be something perfect. All I can come up with is a spa day but she wouldn't like that because she has nobody to go with. Price doesn't matter. I did print up a fake coupon for a facelift to make her look just like me as a joke. That's all I've got so far.


Ideas? Anybody?

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I celebrate birthdays with 2 other dear friends. On df#1's last (milestone) birthday, df#2 gave her a bracelet with 3 charm/blocks on it: Faith, Hope & Love. Df#2 explained (correctly) that df#1=faith (strongest Christian of the 3); I=hope (optimistic); and df#2=love (shows it most openly).


It made a "simple" gift seem very special.

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