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Breaking the Barrier Spanish

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I am considering purchasing Breaking the Barrier Spanish.


I looked at the table of contents on the website, and I noticed that there are only 12 chapters. Is this enough for an entire school year? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should use this book? Do you supplement with anything else?


Thank you in advance.

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We're using BtheSB level 3, which has 12 chapters. I planned out the lessons over the summer and there's actually plenty to fill two semesters. I can't speak for the Level 1, if that's what you're looking at, but the one we have is pretty dense.


I'm so far pleased with the book. I bought the supplementary cd, which has native pronunciations and some cultural stuff. I also got the testing cd, which has a test (plus solutions) for each chapter. My biggest complaint is the size of the solutions manual; they reproduce four text pages per page of the manual, so the type is laughably tiny, at least for my aging eyes. Minor grouse, though; all in all, I quite like the program.


I recommend getting a good Spanish/English dictionary, if you don't already have one, as the BtheB glossary can be a little sparse.


If you're looking to supplement, the Standard Deviants Spanish dvds are excellent. Goofy, but the academics are solid. A lot of libraries have them, so you might look there first.

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We're using Level 2, which is also 12 chapters. I cover each chapter in 3 weeks, which is still a brisk pace. I also bought the hard-copy test packet (includes 12 chapter tests and answers), the audio CD, and I got the Teacher's Manual instead of the solutino guide so I can read along. The TM is essentially the student text with the answers written in (full-size!).


I'm very happy with it. The only slight grouse is that I'd wish he'd stop the name-dropping of celebrities in all the sample sentences (esp. since my kids have no idea who most of these people are!)


But the content, explanations, and practice exercises are very good.

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