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LEGOLAND Discovery Center

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There is a new LEGOLAND Discovery Center opening less than 5 minutes from our house. They just announced tickets are available for pre-sale for $12.50 ($13.53 w/ tax); which says is a savings of ~$6. They also have 1-year passes for $48.71 and a family of 4 1-year pass for $184.04. With myself and the 3 kids, I was considering the family pass. All 3 of my DC are LEGO fanatics and have been not-so-patiently awaiting the opening since it was announced last year.


So my question is, if you have been to one of these or have one near you, is a family pass worth it? It would take us 3.5 visits to make the pass worth it so is it something that you would visit multiple times? Money is tight but it would be a splurge we could probably handle; it would also be nice to have something that is already paid for for those times when we are broke but I want to get out the house and do something with the kids, which brings up another question - is there really a need to spend any money beyond the ticket price? Can we conceivable go on a pass and not spend much more each trip (I know they have a cafe' and shop but we can eat at home since we live so close and I don't plan on the kids buying LEGO every time we go).


I am assuming the prices I listed are the regular pass prices since there wasn't any discount mentioned. Do they ever have specials or coupons on the passes?


Anything else I should know? Thanks!

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We went to the one in Chicago last year. Ds is a lego fanatic, so he enjoyed it a lot, even being older at the time. He would want to go back throughout the year if we had one close, but that would probably be more for the store.:D If we lived near one and he was younger, say 6 - 9, he would want to go once a week. At 12, he would want to go maybe 3-5 times over a year. That being said, while we all enjoyed the Discovery Center, I was surprised by how small it was. I really expected it to be a lot larger from looking at the website. Also, my son would not be able to leave without buying something, but he saves his allowance for these kinds of things. The food he could do without. They have building classes that were fun and easy, but you don't have to buy the model you build. I would definitely have the year pass if we lived nearby, probably not every year though.

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Thanks so much for the info! Are the classes something you have to pay extra for if you don't buy the model (I am guessing there is the option to buy the model from your comment)? We have a couple of regular LEGO stores within driving distance and went to their grand opening events. The kids did buy LEGO sets at those but we knew in advanced and we planned the purchase as part of the event (plus there wasn't an entrance fee for those).


Thanks again! Anyone else?

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We have been impatiently waiting its opening.

DS took classes at both of their previous locations in the area and I am anxious to see what they offer here.

Thank you so much for posting this, as I had been watching for info but missed that it was up on their website.


DS had his birthday party at the LEGO Education Center and then took one of the Mindstorm classes before they closed. He really enjoyed it!

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We bought passes to the Chicago one this last fall, and only went two times. If we hadn't bought the passes right off, we probably would have just gone once. It was okay, but like another poster said, small, with not a lot to do.


Honestly, we were pretty disappointed. We didn't do any special classes or events, though, so maybe that makes it more worthwhile.

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