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Song School Latin Questions


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I'm planning on using Song School Latin with my two older children next school year. My dd tried out Prima Latina this year, we got to about lesson 4 and then stopped. Not to be rude, but the teacher on the DVD just annoyed me... it was hard to stand.


My question is, will my soon to be 9 year old be too old for this program? If I will have both of them do it, will I need two student books? Ds6 is a beginning reader and doesn't do a lot of writing yet.


Thank you for taking the time to respond :)

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I have a 7 year old who loves it also. I intend to reuse it again next year if we finish it this year. I slow down some of the lessons and cover them in two weeks, like the second one which had the vowel sounds and I wanted him to learn those well ;).


ETA: I also make my own flash cards and have him match the Latin words to the English words and phrases. I did the same with the vowel sounds also, making flash cards with the vowel and then separate ones with the sounds.

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