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Latin recommendations

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I would look into First Form Latin (Memoria Press), Latin Alive (Classical Academic Press), or Latin Prep (Galore Park).


I haven't used any of them (yet), since my guys are younger; Latin Prep and Latin Alive are on my radar screen for later.


All of these are designed for 6th grade and up, and do not assume previous Latin experience. If your 7th/8th grader has some Latin, it will be a good refresher before moving on.

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This is a review I wrote previously:


The explanations are very clear, the progression is logical, and there is a lot of great translation practice (Latin to English and English to Latin). The vocabulary is limited - the focus is on the grammar.


The course is secular, and is laced with quirky translation passages (mostly based on mythology/history) and amusing cartoons. The author has twenty years of experience teaching Latin to this age group; the tone is droll and age appropriate.


The basic course is the text book and answer book - one of each per year. There are also optional workbooks if you feel the need of extra practice. You can see samples here:




The books are available in the US from http://www.horriblebooks.com (Ray may have some on hand - otherwise he orders periodically in batches) or direct from the UK with free shipping from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk. I've used BD several times; service has always been excellent and very swift.


I have no financial connection with Galore Park - I'm just an enthusiast for many of their products.


Best wishes



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