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If I made chicken broth last week,

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Just broth or meat (and/or meat on bones) still in the broth too?


Just broth - a good 10-min boil will do it and probably isn't even necessary if the container has been sealed well and it's been at a constant temp in the refrigerator.


With meat or meat-bones.....that can be ify - me, I would probably not take a chance, but if I did - give it a good smell test and smell as it's heating up - any off odor, I'd toss it.....if during the heat up there is no odor, boil it well.

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Excellent! Because I really just didn't have it in me to come up with something else for dinner. I don't even have it in me to go out at this point, so dinner would have had to come to me and we did both chinese and pizza just in the last few days. (Hence the reason the broth never got used!)


Yes it smelled fine, and it was broth only - bones, bits and veggies are all out.


And I'm really glad you are all saying eat it, but it really looked/smelled/and last week tasted like some of the BEST chicken broth I've ever made! I made a crock pot whole chicken recipie tha thad called for removing all the skin before cooking, so it had that extra goodness from that skin as well as wing tips and necks and old bones and such! And now that I'm not worried about killing us, it's only going to get better because now I'm going to go throw in the two frozen skin on/with bones chicken breasts to cook those up!


It's a chicken and dumpling night!

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