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Wow -- Vision Forum is horribly slow with shipping packages!

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Update: It appears they may be holding his order because of backordered items. Maybe they plan to ship them all at once.


My item came already, so they aren't so bad after all.


My Dad ordered $150 of stuff on the first, and it still hasn't shipped. I ordered something on the 7th, and it hasn't shipped.


I'm all for supporting companies like this, but after enticing customers with fabulous coupon codes and such, it seems they just sit on the merchandise. They are aware that many people have ordered items for Christmas, yes?


I guess I'll stick with Amazon from now on. :tongue_smilie:

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It's one of those websites that doesn't tell you when things are backordered until they take your order. I understand backordered items taking longer to ship, but my dad may not have ordered those items had he known they were backordered.


Plus, it looks like they are holding the entire order until the backordered items come in.


Everything they are giving Nathan for Christmas is coming from Vision Forum. Sure, he'll survive, but it seems like they would understand the need to hire extra hands around the holidays to help out with the rush.

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