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Any updates regarding LLforLOTR typos?


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I couldn't find the original post regarding the misalignment of the 2nd edition of Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings. Does anyone have an update. I forgot to call, the last time I said I would. :glare: I have sent 3 emails and never a response from the author. Quite discouraging for such an expensive curriculum.


Capt. Uhura

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the page numbers not lining up has been a major problem for us this year. I just don't even bother trying to find quotes in the text any more unless it's really important, since the page numbers just don't match.


It's so bad that I would suggest someone try to get the first version, assuming they lined up in that version. As it is, it would definitely dampen my enthusiasm about recommending the program.


It's still pretty good...don't get me wrong. I am not totally convinced I got my money's worth, though.

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