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Is there a way to clip my regular cooking thermometer to the side of a pot...

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a la a candy thermometer? I have a good, reliable Taylor thermometer, and I'd rather not invest in a candy thermometer if I don't have to (plus, they generally don't get great ratings on Amazon). I want to make pecan brittle tomorrow, but I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to rig a thermometer to the side of a saucepan.



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I guess I would just periodically test it and then hold it myself when it was withing 5-10*.


Thanks Tap, I wasn't sure if that was feasible for some reason. Turns out it's a moot point--my thermometer only goes up to 220, and I need to get to either soft ball or soft crack stage (depending on the recipe I use). I guess I'll be buying a candy thermometer either way! Thanks though :D

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