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Toddler/Preschool WARM Winter boots--what to get?

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Our church is adopting a family for Christmas. It is a single mom with 3 year old twins (boy and girl) and then a 5 year old boy.


It was listed that they need winter boots--size 11 little girl and then 12 and 2 for the boys.


We are in Michigan and it is COLD and depending on exactly where in the county you are we have 8-24 inches of snow on the ground right now so the boots need to be waterproof and WARM but still little kid friendly (velcro or slip ons, cute, etc).


Where would you get them? I can order them if shipping won't take too long or try to find a local store. I just don't want the cheap Walmart boots that will fall apart in 4 weeks or aren't really warm, etc.

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The girls' Lands End Squalls just arrived. LLL has worn hers almost every minute since they arrived. They are toasty warm and easy to put on. They aren't showing up on the Lands End website, so they might be sold out for the moment. Perhaps they have them in a Sears store, though. They were quite reasonable after the online code I had... They were $25 a pair.

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