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I loved the idea of teaching my dd how a business is run and was hoping this curriculum would make learning fun. We started it but halfway through the first lesson I realized something was missing. When I e-mailed Simply Charlotte Mason I figured out that they had forgotten to send the teacher's manual. Because I work in accounting, it wasn't a big deal for me to follow the program without it but it contained chance cards and other items needed to make the program work. Frustration!


Next, when we started to enter items into the ledger, I found that they have their debits and credits mixed up; instead of entering the debits and credits like any business does, they get the child to enter them like banks do (I won't get into an accounting explanation but this is completely wrong!) When I contacted them, they didn't seem particularly concerned that they were teaching children debits and credits backwards and said they did it this way because they thought it was easier for the child to understand. O-kay! :001_huh:


So all in all, I liked the premise but I found the application lacking. If you are not working in accounting and can prevent it from driving you crazy ;), can make the necessary changes and treat it as an light exposure to business, it's not a bad program but don't expect it to be exceptional.



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