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Looking for exercise clothes ---- Help!

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I need to find some comfortable exercise clothes! For walking, anything comfortable I have is okay. But to do anything more than walk--you know--to move, to bend, to twist, etc., I need something that will move with me in ways walking clothes don't.


And I don't know exactly what's out there and what's comfortable.


I'll need something for my legs (it's wintertime), something decent (I'll be among people), something that won't gross people out (I'll be with younger aged people), and something for heavier people.


So, what do people wear nowadays?


I've got 25 pounds that have to come off *now.* I've little time for any exercise during the day because of my job, but I plan to make myself walk on the way home from work. But the main reason I need some clothes is that I am going to do all I can to participate with the girls' PE class this winter. They have PE on M, W, F during my planning period--last period of the day. My good friend who is the PE teacher uses the winter weather time to do The Biggest Loser indoors. The kids love it because it's such a different teaching approach, and they excel at it. I may end up the Biggest Idiot in there, but I'm determined to try to stick with it. I just don't want all my rolls to be so obvious on this 50+ year old body because all my girl students will be in there. (I am vain. :) ) I need to get some clothes that I can change into easily and quickly, and ones that I can keep on for at least one meeting per week (that I end up leading).


Please give me suggestions and online places for good deals. I don't have time to go brick-and-mortar shopping!



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If you can wait a few weeks, exercise clothes usually go on sale in January. Target usually has "yoga pants" in short, regular, and tall in Jan; I've been happy with the ones I bought last year and the year before. Another option is Marshall's/TJ Maxx, which often have a variety of options in their "sportswear" section. Of course, there are upscale options as well.

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I have found that it's actually kind of hard to find yoga pants that fit *well*. I'm short, so I have to find a petite and since I'm between a medium and a large, I feel like the mediums look too tight to wear publicly and the larges tend tend to slip too much when I'm trying to exercise. What I will probably do next time I'm shopping for exercise wear is get some heavier weight leggings in a petite medium and wear athletic shorts over them so that I don't feel like everything can be seen.

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