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DD8 sooo doesn't pay attention

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Hey guys, this might be my first time to start a topic, and I'm hoping y'all can give me some ideas. I have four children, oldest is almost 10. Second one is DD8. She's always been a dreamer and free spirit. I get that. But now as she's getting older, it's getting in the way of things. She doesn't pay much attention when I read SOTW and often can't narrate back to me things that the older one rattles off in no time. She fails to follow simple instruction like 'turn out the lights behind you", "brush your teeth and be in bed in 10 minutes". Her teacher in public school last year had pretty much only one complaint about my DD and it was that she didn't follow instructions or stay on task.


She plays very well with others and can focus with them. She loves to draw and daydream. While she seems to not be paying attention, she does draw interesting conclusion and remarks on things in interesting ways.


How can I coach her/train her to stay on task and to follow instructions? I think it's a skill she will need in the future.

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It took a year before my ds9 could narrate properly. He does it with great ease, but I had to be very consistent with it. My ds is a visual learner so he has to follow along in the book while I read, perhaps that would help your dd. He still dawdles/daydreams during math, I always have to make sure I'm right there keeping him a track.

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Have you tried letting her draw or play with "fidget" toys while you read? My 7yo can't focus on the words unless her hands are busy.


Or have you tried letting her read SOTW herself? I find it impossible to focus when someone is reading aloud.


Dd and I are both ADHD. Neither one of us is very good with multi-step directions given at once. She needs one step at a time ("Brush your teeth." Ten minutes later, "Time for bed.") I need checklists.


We're both pretty much capable of anything, we just do it all a little bit different.

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