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What is it about the holidays

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(now that I know they're here) that makes me want to swim in school & curric & planning until my fingers are pruny?


Seriously, I'd be happy w/ a fire in the fireplace tomorrow, sandwiches, & a quiet house w/ everybody reading (& maybe even taking notes). :001_smile:


Or cataloging and reorganizing all the books in the house.


Ok, maybe some pumpkin pie, too. And extra good coffee.


But soft clothes, good books, & no cooking. What a grinch! :001_huh: :lol:

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Me too, partly because I try to order all of my next year books as soon as we do our taxes and get our refund, and partly because I don't have to actually DO school so I have more energy to devote to the fun parts.:D


Oh, no. I've been wanting a day (or a week) off for at least a month now. But today? I'm suddenly excited to sit at the table & do school. My kids have had no days off this week. It usually takes me 6months to get through a read aloud because I don't like reading aloud. Today we've read 5 ch of Angel on the Square. :lol:


And dh has been working late to cover the cost of not working tomorrow--when he *does* finally get home? I ignore him so I can plan for *next* year. :confused: Poor guy. :lol:

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