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Is there an app for free music for ipod?

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Does anyone know of something like this?

My ds just bought an ipod touch for music and

audio's for school. We are still learning what it can be used

for. I can't believe it didn't come with some kind

of manual.

Thanks for any help. Nicole


Itunes on your computer to buy music/videos/apps for the ipod touch

(even if you are "purchasing" for free)


One of the apps you can download is Pandora. If you have wifi, then I believe it works like the Pandora web site


There is a website: http://booksontheknob.blogspot.com/ -- that previews a lot of free books for the Kindle (but can be read in the Kindle app on the ipod touch as well) Recently it has mentioned some free and cheap mp3s at Amazon


I find itunes quite unfriendly for looking for apps, etc. So my favorite place to find apps is http://appshopper.com/iphone/ There is a Music category there you could peruse.


You can also upload Cds you own into itunes and put them on the ipod touch that way.

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Guest simpson1045

I use this wonderful, great program on my computer. It's called MP3Rocket. What it does is once you download it, you can go in and search for videos and music (sometimes even apps) and you can listen or watch the file first before you download it to make sure that it's the right one. After you download it, it automatically syncs to your iTunes account and syncs it all in there so when you connect your iPod or iPhone or iPad to it, it gets on there in your music player or video player. I highly recommend this program.

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