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Transcript Question - Courses that haven't started yet

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I'm thinking ahead to next year, we are going to have several half year courses, some that won't start until transcripts are submitted to schools. How do you handle that? I get how to put in classes (in progress) . But do you somewhere to a mock up of last semester classes - including potential credits (obviously no grades)


Thanks for the help

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On ds's transcript, I listed all his courses with the number of credits for each. Then in my column for "Grade", I listed his grade for courses that were complete, "in prog" for courses in progress and "planned" for courses that were not yet started. So when it went to colleges in the fall of senior year, there were grades for all the courses in 9th-11th grade, and the 12th grade box looked something like this (hope the formatting comes out):


Course Credits Grade

Calculus 1.0 in prog

Adv Chemistry 0.5 in prog

Adv Physics 0.5 planned

Modern Literature 1.0 in prog

Adv Composition 0.5 planned



(ETA--well, the formatting does not come out; they're supposed to be in nice neat columns. Oh well)


This seemed to work fine--that way colleges could see what courses he was planning to take and what the credits were. Then for the mid-year transcript and again for the final transcript, it was easy to go back and just put in the grades or update the words.



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My daughter's transcript had columns for the first, second, and third terms of 12th grade as well as a fourth column for the credit value of a course. The Notes section had a notation of 'X indicates a current or future class.' When her application was submitted, for year long classes each of the three term columns had an X. When the mid-year report was submitted, the first term column had a grade while there were Xs in the second and third term columns. Since she was also planning to take community college classes in the second and third terms but they were as yet unknown, there were course listings of 'To be determined' with Xs in the appropriate columns. If you'd like to see a copy of her transcript, I'd be happy to send you a copy. Simply send me a personal message with your email address.




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