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National Latin Exam Question

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I am interested in having my ds take this test in March. I have been over the website and the only question I cannot get an answer to is this:


can you take more than one level at one time?


I am pretty sure I will apply for the Latin I but ds never took the Intro to Latin. Is there a reason for him to take this one too?


Aren't there other exams as well (I heard about a mythology exam?).



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Hi Heather,


I have the application for this year's National Latin Exam on my desk, so I took a peek at it. It clearly states that, "the student may only take ONE level of the exam." Have you seen the syllabi for the various levels over at the NLE website? I would use those as a guide as to which level to order for your son.


The National Mythology Exam is a lot of fun, too, and easy to administer. You can read more about it here. It's written for kids as young as third grade or as old as high school. The older age groups just answer extra sets of questions. They have a bibliography on their website that will tell you what the test covers (it varies a tiny bit from year to year).



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