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Vibram Barefoot running questions

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I've seen that some here use these shoes. Can you tell me how these work in colder weather? I'm having some problems with my running shoes and think these may work, but I'm in MI!!! I love running outside in all four seasons and don't want to be stuck inside on a treadmill.


So, what do you think? And, which shoes did you order?

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I use these shoes for walking on the trails here in western WA. So far, I've only used the shoes in temperatures in the low 40s. But I have the brown leather ones and I got the thickest socks I could find. My feet get pretty warm after a few minutes. But it will be interesting to see how things go when it's 20 degrees colder. And you'll be contending with much colder temperatures than that.

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The brand of socks is Injinji. They have several different kinds.


They work well when it's wet except if you step in a puddle. Then water oozes between your toes and it's a bit weird. Mud will also do this. I'm not sure how they would be in snow, but depending on the consistency, it might be similar to mud.


The tread is really thin--so I'm thinking that once the ground gets cold (*really* cold in your case) it could be uncomfortable.

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