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How to Choose betw Primary Schools in Lagos Nigeria


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I bought the WTM book over 6 monthes ago and it totally expanded my mind on education on a whole for my child and other children to come. I do not think i will be able to homeschool full time, neither do i think my husband or (family, society!"£, its just not done here in Nigeria!?) will allow me too, even if i could :(. So, i only have the option of after-schooling and choosing the best school possible and supplementing at home ie after-schooling. And i am preparing for the after school process with all the great advice from the book and forum....


So, i need advice on how to choose the best schools for my child. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I am truly limited by my choices unfortunately. Its between the American international school or the British international school for primary education. I find that the Nigerian primary school system very stoic and cold, probably good for the grammar stage as literally the kids are crammed with facts but the range of facts are sooooooo limited and approach so archaic.


Please can someone guide me through this, with what to specifically look out for and how to make the best decision?





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I also forgot to add that i have the option of the french school in lagos, which teaches latin and is more aligned to classical education.... But the only thing is i dont speak french and wont be able to help with homework etc..Help..

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Its between the American international school or the British international school for primary education.


Hi, Yimmy,


If you don't intend to send your dc to the US for their university years, choose the British education. It is accepted in more countries worldwide, so it opens their future educational choices. An American education, particularly in the high school years, really limits what your child can do for post-high school training.


That being said, I don't believe it makes much difference in early childhood. Maybe the French school would be better in the early years. Your dc could learn another language, and you can switch them to the British school later on.


All the best.


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I think one of the advantages when you offer the classical education at home (or when you homeschool in general) is that you can tailor to your child's needs. My sense is that there are very few who follow the recommendations of the WTM to the letter. So, although the French system may be more aligned to classical education, does it meet your more general expectations? I would ask whether it offers an environment that fosters a love of learning, which is what I'd hope a WTM education is doing.


I did a quick Google search, and if I'm right that the American school in Lagos is an IB World School, I'd go that way in a heartbeat. Note though, that a school can offer the IB programme at only some levels, i.e. it might offer the IB school leaving diploma but not the Primary Years Programme. The IB system is not classical, but it does really focus on fostering personal development and an explorative approach to learning. My dd was in an IB international school from aged 5-7yrs, and I was very impressed. Each school is different, though - the feeling you get from teachers and pupils might outweigh everything else. Will they let you sit in on classes for a day?


Have you read The Core? It's another book about classical education which focuses more on building a core of basic knowledge within each subject. I'd say that if you knew you'd be afterschooling a classical education all the way through, some sort of combination between the principles of The Core and the fuller programme suggested by the WTM might work.



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