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Community farm produce

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No, it's too expensive. We eat alot of veggies and would need at least two boxes. Average cost around here is 500. I can't afford $1000 or more for fresh veggies for 4 months. I raise a bunch myself but buy the rest at a local Amish produce auction. But that only works because I can handle 2-3 bushels of a single produce item at a time. Most people can't handle that quantity so it's not a good option for them. I probably spent less this $300 this way and it gave us all the produce we need for the same 4 months the CSA covers plus all our fruits for the year (I canned, froze and make jams) plus our tomatoes and peppers for the year and about 3 months worth of onions (which won't grow in my icky soil).

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We joined one this year. I will be sad to see the season end in two weeks. We have enjoyed a great variety of produce, fresh eggs, bread and flowers each week since May. One of my boys has gotten very attached to one of the farmers and she has given him tours, introduced him to all their animals and given him special treats such as tractor rides.

It has been a good experience for us.

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