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Book Recomendation: Ida B by Katherine Hannigan

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My DD8 and I have greatly been enjoying the book "Ida B" and thought we'd pass along our recommendation!

Ida B is about a Midwest girl living with her Mom and Dad, home schooling and having adventures in her apple orchard. All this changes when her Mom gets breast cancer and she had to return to public school.

This story made me cry, but it was so sweet and Ida B is so creative and spunky that we just loved it. It's also nice to have a book with home schooling featured so prominently. Ida B is an imperfect character, who acts out, gets mad and feels deeply, but she reminds me of every little girl I know and it's touching to read a story that is a bit "real".


I hope others read it too and enjoy it as well!

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The underlying message about homeschooling in Ida B. sort of bugged me. But the book is beautifully written and Ida is a wonderful character, so... toss up? I just wanted to point out that it's not the perfect little homeschool book that a homeschool mama might want.

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we really enjoyed it, I did pre-read it, and was glad I did. It gets deep into having a parent with cancer, change from a wonderful homeschool life to having to go to school because of this- and her resentment, anger and acting out in ugly ways. I thought it was a good springboard for conversations about these things. I loved the book, I have always hoped there would be a sequel.

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