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Husky for the day - our first offical college tour

MIch elle

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I'm very excited to begin the process of touring colleges with my ds. Our tour is a week from today.



My niece graduated from UConn about 10 yrs ago. I visited her frequently but I'm told it's changed since then. Funny thing is my university is also known as the Huskies, but it's not UConn.


Any tips for a newbie to this process?

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(sorry. ahem. We're a little nuts about UConn Basketball. Geno Auriemma. . . . :001_wub:)




We just finished our first college visit last weekend, and are headed for another next Tuesday. My daughter is a senior, so we're a little bit under the gun. She has a short - very short - list, so it's doable.


I got quite a bit of good advice here, but wanted to add that if it's a school your ds is at ALL seriously considering, I'd advise going on an "off" day. We went on an independent visit, and were able to speak candidly with 2 English professors, have a personal tour & meeting with a dance professor, and just sit and discreetly watch the students as they interacted and went about campus. We felt like we were getting the real thing, not a "show", kwim?


Other than that, I'm too much of a newbie and have never done a "Rah Rah College Day", as my dd calls them ;) Let us know how it goes!

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