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Updates (bil, hubby's job, hcg, health, etc)

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Okay, here goes. (If you want only positive, read only the green. The black is either commentary or negative depending)


First, my bil had the tumor removed completely Thursday, but they found another. They think chemo may work with that one though. I hope things work out for him. I wish he'd do healthy things to help himself out though!


Second, my health stinks. I cannot stand long enough to cook or anything. I'm dizzy and my bp falls and I'm constantly nauseous. I'm falling more often. I am in significant pain. The depression is driving me nuts and I'm surprised it's so bad. I do believe in mindfulness therapy (at least to the degree I did it with a psychologist back home regarding addiction and after my stroke--and he knew well my religious beliefs so may have tempered it) so I'm going to focus and see if I can get myself going the right direction again. Also, a woman from my congregation suggested a local osteopath who does a certain kind of OMT for pain. She said that most of his patients are desperate to stay off or get off medication and supposedly, he's able to help with that. I hope. I'll call him today.


Hubby REALLY likes his job. I never, in a million years, thought I'd hear him say that about a pipe job! So though *I* kinda wanna get out of here, we will be here the duration of this job which will be at least Spring, if not next summer or fall. Hubby felt sure, looking at the prints, it'd be about a year.


Another family member and I started the hCG. For the first time, I lost MORE than the load weight on the first day! So did the other family member! Of course, this diet starts REALLY fast (I think last Aug, I lost 11 pounds in the first week and I'm on track to lose that this time also) and slows down. It ends up being about 3/4 pound per day average for the round. But some good news for anyone thinking about doing it.


And I'm pushing through classes. It's not easy!


Anyway, so that is what is going on here.

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Oh I'm sorry to read about the bad news. But I am glad to read that each seems to be accompanied by either good news, or at least hopeful news. I hope that they are able to rid your bil of the other tumor they found and glad they think they can. I can't imagine what you are going through with your own health but glad that you seem hopeful and have a direction to go in- good luck with that osteo, I hope he ends up being what you are looking for!


I never heard of the hcg diet but good luck with your weight loss program! I know that if I am losing weight, I'll feel happier overall, knowing I'm doing something healthy for myself.


I can't even IMAGINE losing 11 lbs in a week though lol. It's taken me like 7 weeks to lose 13 lbs so far!

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Thanks Nance. Hopefully health will work out in time.


Just to clarify if you haven't seen the other hCG threads: You load first which means you gain several pounds the first two days so the 11 pounds counts those pounds (in my case, like 5). And then you lose a little each day. There are two main phases of the diet, the stricter and the "break" (which has it's own rules). So over 12 weeks, it comes to about 25-30 pounds for the average woman. Then you do it all over again :) It just looks cool at certain parts :)


Anyway, but congrats on your 13 pounds! On most diets, that is PERFECT! 1-2 pounds per week! YAY!


Like you said, knowing you're doing something healthy can help. And I'm hoping that having less weight on this rickety body will help also.

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