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Boston University?

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My daughter is several years away from college but just close enough for me to begin panicking.


I have been checking out different colleges I know she will want to apply to.


This is what I found on Boston University's website-


Required Credentials

Boston University requires a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) diploma for entrance to its

undergraduate Schools, Colleges, and programs unless you are in an approved home-school program. If you have not already

submitted your final high school transcript or GED diploma, please request that an official copy be sent as soon as possible.

Transcripts of all academic coursework completed subsequent to your original application must be submitted with the request form.


Has anyone had a child admitted to Boston University? Does this mean they will not accept my mom "official" diploma. Does this mean I should do a cover school like Clonlara or something like Oak Meadow?



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While I have no experience with BU, I do live in MA and suspect they are taking their terminology from the MA case law that allows homeschooling.


We are required to seek approval from the local school district each academic year. Basically course of study, materials used, instructors, etc. My girls were/are in an approved homeschool program -- mine.




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Dd was accepted to BU with our homemade diploma and they were excellent to work with. They sent a letter and an email asking for clarification as to when the subjects had been taken as we only stated by topics. I wrote back and explained that our homeschool did not follow the regular school year and that dd had followed her interests and done some parts of her studies during summers etc. etc. and they accepted that. They actually have a specific designated homeschool contact person which was pretty cool.

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I don't have personal experience with BU either, but I live in MA as well. I agree with Moira's assessment. As she said, in our state, we have to seek approval to homeschool each year from our local town school department.


When my son applied to UMass (& was accepted), they asked me to send them copies of our homeschool approval letters from the local school department for each of the 4 years of high school as evidence that he was in an approved homeschool program.


I suggest you give them a call and see exactly what they would want in your child's case.



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My son was accepted at BU in 2010 on the basis of a "Mommy" transcript--no GED or "approved" (?) homeschool program. In addition to his transcript, I submitted an eight page document describing his coursework. Last year, BU required either the SAT with two subject tests--or the ACT with writing. My son submitted his score from the latter.


We found the folks at BU to be accommodating. The chair of the archaeology department met with my son during our visit. Frankly, my husband and I were convinced that BU would be a better graduate school for my son than undergraduate, but my son wanted to apply nonetheless.


I found the admissions people to be helpful. Perhaps you could phone them for clarification.



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