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CurrClick Great Sale!!

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I got this email today from Westvon Publishing, which gives the reasons behind the amazing sale prices:







I have a special request and a thank you for all of our past CurrClick customers of the past 5 years.


Our family is facing several difficult situations and I am faced with some tough decisions, as I know so many of you and your families have. We have been weathering the economy with careful budgeting and humble living, and have gotten by during some times I really didn't think we would. I know that soon the holiday season will be upon us and our rock and mineral company will help greatly. However, we're facing some unexpected issues including replacing the transmission on our car and struggling to get our gas turned back on as the winter comes to Northern Ohio. We just need a little leg up, and a chance to get back on our feet.


This email is very difficult for me to even write, but I got to thinking that maybe if I offer you all a free set of products and if I drop every one of our products by 50% that if you have anything that you've been considering, you might be able to pick up a ebook for your family as well as the free combo of our handwriting books and help us out greatly. I'm sure that it would really help out, even just a single ebook. If you would like to share this email with other homeschooling families, I thank you.




The Free Combo is our Uniformed Forces 6-Book Set...


This Combo Collection features 6 of our popular ebooks about our friends and family in the military and public services....


the Army, the Air Force, the Marines, the Navy, the Coast Guard and Fire and Police services.


Over 500 handwriting sheets for your kids! Great for interesting boys in handwriting practice!




I apologize if you don't like this, and if you would like to unsubscribe I am very sorry for bothering you. Please stop in and get the free ebooks with my sincere apologies.


Thank you SO much for your consideration and I hope that everything is fine in your life!




Sincerely and with thanks and blessings to you and yours,




Sherri and family


Westvon Publishing



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