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Question about sweepings and the compost thereof.

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First of all, is that what you call it? When you've swept the floor and now have a wee (enormous, whatever) pile of dog hair, dust, tracked in mud, et c., what do you call that pile of miscelaneous remains of life and activity. We call it sweepings. dust. whatever.


Anywhooo, can it be composted? It really depends on the room but in general, it's dust, dog hair, dirt, and then the odd bit of plastic, a missed wee shard of glass, and even a lost toy sometimes. Lost toy excepted, could that stuff just be tossed into the compost? Dog hair? I feel pretty certain dust/dirt/et c could and even should go in the compost but I don't know about dog hair. And then there are the odd bits. Any bits of paper will compost. But sometimes there is the scrap of plastic or somthing inorganic.




It would have to be a pretty good day for me to even rescue a penny, hair band, or toy.


So, could I just dump the whole thing in the compost bucket to be taken out or should it go to the trash?


What do you think?

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