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Howdy, I was at a used book sale this weekened looking for a used copy of Biblioplan America & The World 1950-2000 which I didn't find.


BUT I also realized that I didn't know what books we're going to need so I wasn't able to look for the reading list recommendations.


If it isn't violating any rules would it be possible for one of you ladies to PM me the reading list?


Or better yet . . . if you have one for sale. :thumbup1:




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Part of what they sell as Biblioplan is their reading list - it is, along with the backbone of the weekly reading breakdown, the gist of the program. I think posting/sharing it might be wrong. I do know, from when I used it, that Kingfisher and SOTW were major books - but posting or sharing the entire list of recommended supplemental readings - don't think that is allowed. Sorry.


OK - got new of my "think" words to go slanted - why did the second one not work???

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