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Distance/marathon runners - I need advice before my race!!!!

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I started a run/walk program (Jeff Gallaway) to train for my first marathon in January. It is going VERY well. Everything he said would happen, has. My average times/mile have decreased by 1.5 minutes - even with the run/walk. I can go the longer distances without soreness or stiffness the next day. I'm sold on this program!


But, I ran a 10K a month ago with the run/walk. It was a tiny local race. But, when I had to slow down to walk, I was VERY aware that I may be slowing someone down behind me. So, I tried to be aware of who was behind me and walk only when I wouldn't be inconveniencing someone.


I have a half marathon next weekend. I'm going to be run/walking. I'm not sure about a couple things:


1. Where do I line up to start? Should I line up with my average pace overall group (8:30)? Or line up with my average pace while running group (7:15)? Or should I line up with my walking pace group (10:30)?


2. In a large, congested race, how do I do a run/walk without annoying those behind me? I figure if I start with my walking pace group, I'll be the one inconvenienced - having to pass people when running, but not slowing anyone down when I walk. But, if I start with my running pace, I'll REALLY annoy those behind me when I stop to walk.


3. Should I just not care? Just line up wherever I want. Don't worry about annoying people and just do my own thing and worry about my own time? I'd LOVE to break a 1 hour, 50 minute half marathon!!!!


4. I've thought about having a shirt printed up saying something like this on the back: "I'm a run/walker!!!" That way anyone behind me will know and be prepared.


Ideas? Advice?

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The goal is to pass people, not be passed, not because it's more fun (which it is) but because then you don't have worry about blocking other people. Just keep being aware of the people around you, don't stop suddenly, and move carefully to the right as you slow down. Good luck, and have fun!

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Stay to the edge (right or left--it is often less-crowded on the left side) when you're walking, and don't run/walk with 12 of your fellow run-walkers. Single runner/walkers don't clog the lanes too badly regardless of where they are; groups of them, shoulder-to-shoulder, do.


Runners in a half-marthon will be more spread out than those in a 10K, so you are less likely to obstruct anyone's path.


Good luck with your race. The half-marathon is my favorite distance--long enough so that when you finish, you've done something; short enough that it doesn't kill your body to run it, or kill your family life to train for it.



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